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Starting a Business During Lockdown

How has your lockdown experience been? What did you explore during this time?


“Lockdown definitely put fire in my belly and I thought to myself, I have got nothing to lose.'"

This year has been one of unprecedented economic misery, But for some like myself it provided a jolt.

Starting a business has kinda been a way to take back a measure of control against Covid .

Lockdown gave me a unique opportunity to explore my hobby and business ideas that only seemed like a dream before.

People will have had different motivations when deciding to start there own business mine was, Lockdown giving me a break in my routine.

This allowed me to focus on my long-term goal and I decided to follow my passion as being idle at home wasn’t me.

Transferring a passion into a business has been a challenge but is something I feel I have been able to do very well And I have no regrets.


How it started


Tip- Social media is your marketplace.

This is the 21st Century after all and

the importance of social media as a way to reach customers, use it to your advantage, as I like to say work your social media.

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